Need Full-Service Machining?

At Allied Machining Co., Inc., full-service machining means full service. From component engineering and R&D to machining, assembly and finishing, we do whatever it takes to produce superior results for our customers. Our experience is in the aerospace, defense and commercial industries, however we’re happy to evaluate projects that require a comprehensive approach and superior quality standards.

For more information or to discuss your project with a member of our team, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. We welcome projects from throughout Connecticut and can ship products nationwide.

President: Katherine Nogiec [email protected]

VP/General Manager: Kris Jankowski [email protected]

General Information: Marilyn Swinarski [email protected]

For your convenience, you may e-mail, fax, or mail your RFQ and techinical data. Please send email requests to [email protected]