CNC Milling Services in Newington, CT

At Allied Machining Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on offering a wide breadth of capabilities. Our full-service manufacturing facility in Newington, CT specializes in component machining and assembly, with value-add services that include engineering. Our approach to full-service manufacturing leverages state-of-the-art equipment and a tenured staff to produce results that reflect the highest caliber industry standards.

  • Assembly
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Coatings and Treatments
  • Finishing Operations
  • Manual Machining
  • Wire EDM

Machining Services

Full-service machining takes on a new meaning at Allied Machining Co., Inc. From turning to milling, wire EDM to finishing, coatings and assembly, we provide a truly complete service from design to delivery. Our broad capabilities are part of our commitment to inclusive service, which means you can trust us for total in-house machining.

We specialize in turning from 1″ to 24″ diameters, as well as milling complex components using our 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers. We have the experience and technology to machine parts from any material, from steel and aluminum to titanium and nickel alloys. Our in-house engineering and rapid prototyping services further showcase our abilities and our commitment to providing complete machining services to our customers.

Industries Served

Our portfolio of clients and projects is diverse, establishing our broad capabilities not only in the way we produce products, but in our knowledge of their final application and expectation. We’re trusted by aerospace, defense and commercial clients across Newington, CT and the country, and we take pride in meeting the expectations and standards for every job, every customer and every industry.

Facilities List

CNC Turning

  • (1) Okuma CAPTAIN L470, Capacity: Ø18″ [457mm]
  • (1) Okuma LB35II, Capacity: Ø24″ [610mm]
  • (2) Okuma LC30, Capacity: Ø18″ [ 457mm]
  • (1) Okuma LB15II, Capacity: Ø14.5″ [368mm]
  • (1) Okuma Crown, Capacity: Ø10″ [254mm]
  • (1) Okuma LB15BB, Capacity: Ø10″ [254mm]
  • (2) Okuma LB15, Capacity: Ø9″ [229mm]
  • (1) GENOS L250, Capacity: ø8″ [290mm]

CNC Milling

  • (2) Mazak Variaxis j-500 5X, 5 Axis, 30 ATC, Capacity: Ø24×16″
  • (1) Mazak Variaxis 500-5X II, 5 Axis, 80 ATC, Capacity: Ø24×16″
  • (1) Mazak 510C-II 5X, 5 Axis, 30 ATC, Capacity: Ø20×10″
  • 1) Mazak 510C, 4 Axis, 30 ATC, Capacity: 41x20x20″
  • 1) Okuma MX-45 VAE, 4th axis indexer, 20 ATC, Capacity: 30x18x17″

Wire EDM

  • (1) Brother 3100, Capacity: 12x6x4″

Manual & Other Machinery

  • (5) Bridgeport knee-mills
  • (2) Victor high speed lathe
  • (1) Kent surface grinding machine
  • (1) 8 spindle drill press
  • (1) Amada automated cut-off saw
  • (1) Hofmann dynamic balancing machine


  • (1) Brown & Sharpe Global 5.5.5 CMM
  • Optical comparator, hardness tester, and all standard measuring equipment

Finishing/Secondary Operations

  • Deburring/Flash removal
  • Sand and glass bead blasting
  • Parts washing


  • Mechanical assembly tools
  • Threaded insert installation
  • Manual & hydraulic presses
  • Bonding, sealing, and epoxy potting
  • Electrical assembly (wire stripping, soldering, crimping, heat shrink)

Special Processes (subcontracted on a regular basis)

  • Coatings & Surface Treatments (painting, anodizing, alodine, black oxide, passivation, etc)
  • Inspection (x-ray, FPI, MPI, etc)
  • Joining (welding, brazing, etc)
  • Heat treatment

Full-Service Machining

Allied Machining Co., Inc. strives to provide complete machining services of the highest caliber to our customers across diverse industries. To inquire about our abilities or to discuss the specifications of your project with a member of our team, please contact us today at 860-665-1228.

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