Aerospace Components in Newington, CT

The engineering and design services offered by Allied Machining Co., Inc. extend to a broad range of industries. Our experience and capabilities allow us to accept projects from diverse companies throughout Newington, CT and across the country, producing results that are consistently of the highest caliber.

In this industry, diverse experience and adaptability are the keys to success. It’s why we’ve spent the last several decades building relationships with clients from across the spectrum of industry. We offer machining and manufacturing engineering services for all the following industries and sectors, with a strong portfolio of work behind us:


Our experience machining complex aerospace components extends to commercial and defense sectors. We’ve produced a variety of customized jet engine components and other critical parts, machined with precision from a broad array of alloys, including 410 stainless steel bar stock.


We’ve fulfilled contracts for finished, assembled and tested components for a broad array of defense applications, including throttle and steering column assemblies. Our strong partnerships with top defense companies makes us a well-established machine shop and a trusted resource for fabrication.


Our shop has produced marine navigation components, including navigation light and control box components, for clients in Newington, CT and across the United States.


We’re equipped to machine complex parts including pullies, radius pins, shafts and other components utilized in public transportation projects. We specialize in parts for coach and city busses.


Rely on our broad capabilities and engineering expertise for fan adapters, idler pulleys, shafts and pins used in a broad array of commercial applications. We machine to-spec, welcoming even complex projects.

Broad Engineering Capabilities

If you have a custom machining project or engineering demands in any of the sectors above, waste no time in contacting Allied Machining Co., Inc. today at 860-665-1228. We’ll discuss the specifics of your project and produce results that far exceed even the highest standards for quality.

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